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Products by Behncke: Leading pool management technologyHand-made quality from Germany

Best stainless steel, filtering technology on an outstanding level and all products 100% hand made in Germany: Products by Behncke unite all factors that help a good pool turn into a unforgettable swimming experience. All our goods are manufactured at our two production sites in Germany with the utmost perfection and precision. High quality design fittings form the basis for optimum pool flow and give the finishing touch to your pool. Premium filters help to keep your pool ultra-clean and help to reduce chemical additives.

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The heart of water treatmentAqua Guard AFM filter

purified water with Behncke water treatment systems

At the heart of every water treatment system is the filter. The following main principle applies: The better the physical filtration of impurities by the filter system, the less harsh the use by chemical disinfection.


Design meets functionBuilt-in parts

stainless steel pool design fittings

Style is reflected in the detail. The high quality design stainless steel fittings give the finishing touch to your pool and simultaneously form the basis for optimum pool flow.


Saving energyHeating

pool heat pumps and pool heaters by Behncke

For swimming pool heating, BEHNCKE offers various options that can be implemented according to your exact requirements: from the heat pump to heat exchangers down to Sun Plate swimming pool absorbers.


All products byBehncke GmbH

100% made in Germany, a 100% driven by perfection - this is how we describe our range of award winning design products. Whether it's an outstanding surface skimmer or a high quality inlet nozzle - it is all about the details that make your good pool an excellent one.

Water is a pleasure-giving element for anyone who understands it and knows how to treat it.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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